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Providing customized software solutions since 1984

We specialize in projects that others say are IMPOSSIBLE.


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     Hoover Computer Services, Inc. has been in the business of providing customized computer software, systems, support and service to many companies since 1984.  Although we are incorporated as an S Corp, we are a small company that provides individualized attention to each of our customers on a personal level establishing a rapport and mutual bond.

     We offer a full range of expertise from custom programming to server and operating system administration. We can provide pre-written software, or we can write a customized application especially for you. 

     When many of today’s IT people are stumped on how to do the impossible task that the manual does not describe, we have been called in to figure it out and complete the task for the in-house IT department.  Having worked at the assembly language level and with many different languages and operating systems over the years, we have a better sense of how computer modules can work together.

     We are a small but proud organization that has retained many of the same customers for decades.  We will go on-site to your business and work with you in developing an application that works specifically for your company, with all of the bells and whistles that you desire and none of the extra junk that canned packages make you wade through. 

     We service all types of businesses and organizations.  Our customer base varies in size from very small to very large companies and government agencies.  The types of businesses we service include professionals, medical organizations, government agencies, manufacturing companies, service companies, retail point-of-sale, marinas, and many others.

     Located in Wilmington, Delaware, we can provide on-site service to Delaware, south-eastern Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, central Maryland, including Baltimore, and southern New Jersey.  We have customers who are located at a distance where remote access is the preferred method of connection with periodic site visits.  With today’s remote access technology, it makes little difference if the connection is within the building or in another country.

      Our preferred server base is Unix or Linux but we have customers on Windows servers as well.  Our most used programming language is filePro, but we are not restricted to that. 

      See a sampling of some projects we have done over the years. 

Hoover Computer Services, Inc

4611 Bedford Blvd, Wilmington DE 19803 | (302) 529-7050 | larry@hoovercs.com