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FilePro Services

         For those looking for a great database to develop their applications with, you can count on us for sales, support, and programming in filePro.  filePro as been a premier development tool for businesses for three decades, and continues to be a wise choice for it's power and flexibility.  It is cross platform: it runs on SCO Unix, Linux, Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, and FreeBSD.

      FilePro is produced by Fp Technologies, Inc.  Further information on the product can be found at fptech.com. 

 filePro support that we can supply includes:

  • Upgrades to filePro (Current version is 5.8)
  • Data dumps from filePro to Excel spreadsheets and imports from Excel back into filePro.
  • Data Conversions, such as from older versions or cross platforms.
  • Data Conversions, such as from filePro to a Windows ODBC application, or from some other data base to filePro.
  • Additions and modifications to your current legacy applications.
  • filePro code troubleshooting.
  • filePro training for your staff.
  • Complete custom applications.
  • Sales of filePro products.  We are an authorized filePro dealer.

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4611 Bedford Blvd, Wilmington DE 19803 | (302) 529-7050 | larry@hoovercs.com