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System Administration

         Our staff of UNIX/Linux experts can keep your mission-critical systems running well, assuring little or no down time.  We can optimize the operating systems for speed, security, and utility.

     We fulfill the role of system administrator to your company.  This precludes the need to hire a full time IT person.  With our administration tools and our expertise we can keep you up and running, add software, and maintain users, and assure your systems' security.


   We offer an automated watchdog program that runs on your servers and reports in to our system every night.  If anything is remiss, (such as a failed backup, low disk space, run-away processes, security breaches, or numerous other problems), we notice it right away and correct it after informing you.  This service, which we call our DUKE program, has intercepted numerous disasters before they occurred.

     Our DUKE (Daily Unix Kernel Examination) program costs a mere $500 per year, plus initial installation which can be done remotely in about an hour.  The only requirement is that you have an outgoing connection via ftp on your UNIX system so that it can report to our system at night.

Hoover Computer Services, Inc

4611 Bedford Blvd, Wilmington DE 19803 | (302) 529-7050 | larry@hoovercs.com