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Unix Servers


        Hoover Computer Services can provide your company with a brand new UNIX/LINUX server ready to connect to your existing network, or we can provide the entire scope of your network installation (see Network page ).

      If your current UNIX/LINUX machine is ready for replacement with a newer, speedier model, we can transfer your programs and data onto the new machine.

      When we supply a server, we stand by that machine with service and support for the life of the machine.  As part of our install, we install the operating system, test all of the components for functionality, configure the users and their home directories, add or transfer applications, do data transfer, set up devices, and make sure the backup system works flawlessly.  Plus we put our own value added configuration details into the system.

      We do most of the setup at our office before bringing it to your site in order to minimize the downtime and chaos that a server install sometimes incurs. It usually takes about a day, sometimes two, to completely transfer a working system to a new server with down time of only a couple of hours total.

      Before we leave, we have users test all software and devices for working perfection.  Then we back up the entire system, and transfer it to a spare hard drive installed in the box, ready to take over in case of a failed drive.  This system actually works better than RAID configurations.  

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4611 Bedford Blvd, Wilmington DE 19803 | (302) 529-7050 | larry@hoovercs.com