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By Hoover Computer Services

     Hoover Computer Services has accomplished many notable projects throughout our history.  Below is a generic summary of some of them.  There were many more  not mentioned.

First State Accounting

     We wrote this full suite of accounting modules from scratch over the course of twenty years so far, constantly updating and enhancing the system as more and more clients come on board, adding features and functionality on almost a daily basis.  It is a mature, proven system, time tested by a large array of industries.  We have complete control of the programming code, thus allowing us to customize each module for every customer while still maintaining strict GAP accounting principals.

     Our FSA is the base for many of our custom designed projects; we can attach a custom module to it or modify an existing module. 

     The suite includes General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Job Cost, Payroll, and Service.

Integrated a filePro Back End Database with an Interactive Website

   A large marina performs many services for it's boat owners.  Customers can log into their account and request services to be done on their boats from a variety of sub-contractors or from the marina by using their web browsers.  Customer's requests are returned to the marina's filePro database.  The front end for the customers is 100% web based.  The technique uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Unix shell scripts and filePro.  Password authentication is performed by filePro.  HTML pages are generated and sent back by filePro. Emails are generated by filePro and sent out via the Linux email server.

Special Project for a Large Printing Company:  Sun Solaris Unix File Storage Indexing

     This company has a huge Sun Solaris Unix storage system which stores millions of graphics files for thousands of completed jobs.  Storage is split between "on line", meaning on the hard drives and "near-line", meaning on a large tape carousel controlled by the Unix server.  Over the years multiple users would store their jobs rather randomly using a "drag and drop" system from MAC clients.  Naming of the job folders was up to each user without a specified naming convention.  Without consistency it was very hard to locate a past job for reprint.  As most jobs were reprinted repeatedly, much time was spent looking over this massive system to find jobs for retrieval.

     Using filePro on the Solaris server, we were able to write code to seek out all the jobs scattered throughout the hard drives and 256 tapes and catalog them in the filePro data base.  Thus we achieved a system whereby a user could simply plug in a job number or a job name and all the files associated with the job would be automatically retrieved wherever it was located and dropped into a specified location for reprint.

County Health Departments

     We wrote a complete billing and statistical system which tracks services rendered by county health departments including mental health and drug & alcohol as well as all other clinical activity and services performed by health departments. It includes HCFA-1500 paper billing, which then evolved to HIPPA regulated X12 electronic billing.  This software had been implemented by three counties and is still used today by two, running flawlessly after 25 years in service.  Other features included fiscal planning and budgeting and tracking of expenses for expenditure planning.  Flu shot tracking, on-site dental services, were among other projects performed for these customers.

County Welfare Office

     We have written a complete client service tracking system for a county welfare office which includes a master file of all people who enter the agency for services and follows them throughout the system, tracking the various services rendered in various departments, thus eliminating duplication of data entry and allowing every department to see what was done in other departments.  Departments include General Assistance, TANF, Medicare, Medicaid, Affordable Care Act, Social Services, and others.

PDF Forms Integration with Database Data

     A client uses dozens of pre-created PDF forms with fill in the blanks fields.  To save hundreds of hours of repetitious entry, we created a method of filling in all of the fields on the PDF form that were already known to their data base system.  Everyone had said that this technique was impossible. 

Job Costing System

     For one large manufacturer’s representative we integrated our First State Accounting system into a job costing system which tracked all operational functions from quotations to order entry to purchase orders and material requisitions for jobs and billing.  It fulfilled AIA billing requirements as well as standard and custom billing.  Material could be ordered and tracked for specific jobs as well as for stock inventory.  An array of reports tells the company the exact status of each job including material deliveries, billing and collections. 


Service Module 

     We wrote a custom service module for a large service company which handled both preventative maintenance agreements as well as normal repair calls.  It tracked the hundreds of different maintenance items that the company performed and calculated exactly how long a PMA call should take, creating a schedule for their dozens of techs to perform their duties when preventative maintenance schedule arose for each customer.  Then, after performance of duties, the system recorded what was done and sorted the billing from the non-billing, automatically creating the billing.  All of these items were posted to the general ledger for a complete analysis of work flow.


Large Retail Store with Multiple Locations and Internet Presence 

     Our First State Accounting system runs a large retail operation, beginning with Point-of-Sale entry at multiple registers and multiple locations, all connected to one server at the main store.  The Order Entry module allows back office entry of large bulk orders for shipping and delivery.  A function in Order Entry shows the clerk the entire ordering history of each customer to help ease confusion during order taking, as this store has over 50,000 different items in their inventory.  Searches for items by SKU #, UPC code, item description, and even key word and fuzzy searches help select the right product if no bar code is on the item, or if entering from the back office.

     Purchase orders shows the purchasing agent the exact costs paid previously for every item, showing a browse window of past purchasing history.

     Inventory allows for levels pricing based on quantities and accepts either markup from cost or discounts from list price.  Inventory can be exported to Excel for editing in batch then re-uploaded into the FSA Inventory module.  Transfers of inventory between stores can be requested on-line by each store, then processed by the main store, thus keeping track of inventory flow.


Support for Abandoned filePro System

     A company that had been developing a custom system to control every aspect of their business with an in-house programmer came to us after their programmer left after years of development.  We were able to support and continue development of their system, much to their relief.  Since filePro code is open and modular, it is possible to pass on a legacy system to another person to pick up and support.


ACH integration with Morgan Stanley Bank

     A client had a daily routine to log into Morgan Stanley Bank’s website and manually enter all of their day’s ACH transactions.  By obtaining the ACH upload specifications, we wrote a program to assemble the daily transactions and FTP them into the bank’s secure server, thus saving the customer dozens of hours of work per day.


Shopping Cart Web Presence for FSA Users

     We created our file2Xcart product in order to meet the needs of a large retail store that wanted a web shopping cart presence, but didn't want to spend time maintaining their thousands of  inventory  items duplicated on the website, especially since prices changed frequently and products became discontinued or new products added every day.  Thus we found a way to link the store's FSA inventory directly to the store's website.  They set up and maintain a web structure in FSA and define which products go on which page.  At a press of a button and all the product information gets transferred in a few seconds onto the website, with all fresh data coming from FSA.  No duplication of effort at all.  As prices change in FSA, they change on the website.  We use inexpensive X-cart shopping cart software as the web based server and send data into it from FSA.

Credit Card Software Linked to FSA 

     One of our customers needed to have our Point-of-Sale, Order Entry, and Cash Receipts modules interfaced directly to a credit card processing company with no user intervention required and no lengthy waits for dialup modems to connect.  We were able to integrate FSA with Monetra payment processing software, by Main Street Softworks and now that feature has been added to FSA's Order Entry and POS modules.

     We have also done work with another customer linking filePro programs to Icverify, another payment processing company.


Marina Management System 

     We  wrote a complete marina management system which, in addition to standard accounting functions (FSA based), is able to record work orders, track boats, docks, slips, and price all services including land storage, dockage, and dozens of other services.   There is a transient boaters function, a retail store/ gift shop function, and other features that make it a complete marina package.

Dry Cleaning System 

     We wrote a complete dry cleaning system which logged in clothes customers dropped off, tracked them through the processing plant and back to the store again, printed tags, printed invoices, and kept track of accounts receivable.  It also gave valuable reports to the owner on what types of items he processed.  Included was a interface to a barcode reader so that garments were always tracked by scanning in and out.  This module was linked to our standard FSA system.


Mental Health Facility Billing & Service Tracking System 

     Over the course of a decade we developed a total system for a large mental health facility with multiple locations.  This system includes our FSA accounting as the core with specific modules developed for patients/clients and all their visit data.  Billing includes private pay, Medicaid, Medicare and Insurance in both paper and electronic formats.  It is all HIPPA compliant.   Over the years, this system has been able to be adjusted quickly to the changing rules and regulations of medical billing, keeping cash flow at a maximum while other facilities on inferior systems were forced to operate in the red due to their inability to adjust to government red tape.  


Medical Office System

  We have been able to assist with customers of Virtual Software System's Medical Office System, the filePro based doctor's office software.  We have rendered local SCO Unix and Linux support and server sales to these V.S.S. customers.

     We have also linked Medical Office System to our FSA accounting system back end.


X12 Electronic Billing

      For our county billing we were required to comply with HIPPA regulations, and one of the requirements was adherence to X12 electronic billing in 835 and 820 formats.  Thus, we wrote a "black box" X12 program that will work with any X12  requirements including purchase orders, etc.

     For this project we were able to upload client billings and download adjudication results.


Tire Store Program 

     We wrote a custom program for a tire store to track new and used tires by serial number, size, type, and manufacturer, including tracking tire tread depth in used tires.  This module was linked to our standard FSA system.


Scanning Documents Linked to Database Records 

     We completed a project which links scanners to a filePro based record.  While on a record in a database (such as Order Entry) you can press a button which will activate an attached scanner.  The scanned document (perhaps a hand written completed work ticket) will be stored on the system with associations to the record you are viewing with no other user input needed.  Then, to later view or print out the scanned document, pull up the record you were on and press a key.


Sheriff's Office ID Department 

     We helped rewrite a data base that county sheriffs use to help identify arrested individuals based on physical characteristics and demographics.  This is a SCO Unix and filePro based application.


Facecrook Project 

     A county agency (Sheriff’s office and jail) was given the task to assemble the names and pictures of everyone in their county with outstanding warrants for arrest and upload them to a central data base where residents of the state can tap into to see the names and locations of these people on a map on a public website.  The data was on a Linux server and the photos were on a Windows server.  This project cross referenced the pictures with the warrant data, assembled them into one file and automatically unloaded each day to the central server.


Vendor Inventory Price List Integration with Customer’s Inventory 

      A customer using our FSA accounting system has a huge inventory with hundreds of price changes occurring on a regular basis.  We were able to tap into multiple vendors’ prices lists, sent in varying formats (XLS,CSV, ASCII) and create an automated process to pull in and update the local inventory, thus saving hundreds of hours of inputting and assuring that the most recent prices were accurate. 


Truck Trailer Tracking Program and Customer  Web Interface

      We developed a complete package for a company that buys, sells, and leases truck trailers.  This system is attached to our core FSA accounting package. Trailers are classified and cataloged in the database, as are customers and their various lease agreements.  The system tracks the trailers as they are bought, sold, or leased.  It automatically generates invoices based on the lease agreement.  Revenues and expenses are posted to FSA.  The system keeps track of maintenance and associated expenses in the form of industry standard ATA codes.  It also emails clients when FCC inspections are due.

     The system posts all trailer and maintenance information up to a web site nightly so that customers can log in and see any and all information pertinent to the trailers that they are leasing.


Culling names from a Web Published Report for a Mailing List 

     One of our customers was printing out federally issued lists of names that came out weekly and manually copying the names into their mailing list database.  This was a full time job for one person and they were months behind.

     We created a process that would take all of the lists, which, by the way, were not formatted, but in a random order throughout the report, and pulled the names and addresses, contacts and phone number, plus other information off of the lists and formatted them properly in their database.

     The customer was not only able to catch up on their name gathering, but did so with more accurate results and turned a full time job into a five minute a day task.


Truck Drivers Log Program 

     Throughout the United States, all truck drivers must submit driving logs showing time driven vs. time off, time in the sleeper berth, and time off-duty.  This is a federal requirement.  The rules for driving are extensive and tricky to interpret and a driver can get a violation very easily if he drives too much without the proper breaks.  This program allows easy input of truck driver logs and determines if the driver drove legally or triggered one of the many types of violations of the FCC rules.


Structural Skylight Estimating Project 

     We wrote an application to calculate the costs of large structural skylights.  A user would enter dimensions obtained from blue print takeoffs and specify glazing and finish, and the program would calculate the selling cost of the skylight.  It would advise on structural members size to use, based on span, loading requirements, local building codes and section modulus of the member used on the span. 


Export Images from Casi-Rusco AccessVision Badge Holders Photo Program. 

     A large corporation needed to export employee photos out of their badge holders software, but the utility provided did not work and support was slim.  We figured out the technique to export the thousands of photos and wrote a script to automate the procedure.


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